Artist Statement :

In my work I aim to create a strong bond between moving through the world (in the most general
of terms) and making art. The challenge in the studio is to distill the noise, motion, smell and
rhythms of where I am or have recently been into a work. An experienced space has history
which is affected by the larger space it exists within. Architectures, natural or produced through
human interventions, are fabricated using the pool of practical materials available within their
larger geographic context. Just like people, materials have the ability to travel great distances.
One needs only to walk in to their friend's homes to see how experience influences how we
curate our lives.

In recent years moving through the cities and forests of Canada has provided me with much of
my subject matter. Like many artists I have always worked supplementary jobs to support my practice.
This has influencing my work in a profound way. I search for ways to take my
production at work and turn it into a usable material in my practice. These materials can come
in the form of digital traces of places I have travelled and worked in, or use of solid materials in
a sculpture to represent the experience of distant spaces. Sometimes through sheer volume of
material or the scale of information – the process and movement is intended to become a
present part of the work.

Material journeys from harvest to practical use, material life spans while in use, and subsequent
decay is something I aim to represent in my work. I create a fragility in strong materials so they
end up living a condensed life span. The materials decaying rapidly can often cause them to be
viewed as older than they are. It is a fabricated temporal element that creates past pristine life
and a future in which they undergo further decay but both are assumed in the present.
Materials are permanent, it can be difficult to remember this since we often experience them in
a temporary objects. When a bottle falls off the shelf and crashes on the ground we remember
we are picking up pieces of glass.

Artist Biography :

Stefan Sollenius graduated from The Emily Carr University of Fine art and Design in Vancouver
British Columbia with his Bacherlors degree in Visual Arts. He has exhibited in B.C, Quebec and
internationally in Brooklyn, New York. He was awarded The Dale and Nick Tedeschi Studio Arts
award and a Fellowship to study in Montreal Quebec at Concordia University. He has studied abroad
in Albuquerque New Mexico at the University of New Mexico.